1. Gut Health
    Jeff Surak & Daniel Craig

  2. Trinity
    Buffalomckee & Yuki Kaneko & Sekiguchi Satoru

  3. Bday Lampazo Trompeta
    Uton & Bardo Todol

  4. Carpented
    Jonathan Deasy & Tim Olive

  5. Definition Not Specified
    Modelbau & Pool pervert

  6. Find An Ant
    Sun Yizhou & Zhu Wenbo

  7. "" [blank tape compilation vol. 4]
    Various Artists

  8. Domestics
    Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens

  9. Elimination Prince In Grim Limbo
    Maximum Ernst

  10. Tierra Verde
    Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge

  11. Dissipatio
    Tim Olive & Matt Atkins

  12. cyborgs, tenderly
    Kirill Shirokov & Feliks Mikensky

  13. Cut Into
    Rovox 625

  14. Seasonal Bodies
    Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul

  15. Waiting in the waiting room with a waiter and a waitress
    Joan La Babbleuh

  16. It's Worse
    Shakeeb Abu Hamdan & Sholto Dobie

  17. Nine
    Culver & La Mancha Del Pecado

  18. The Art of K7 - vol.#1

  19. Let's Call It Fun Time
    Papal Bull

  20. ■ [blank tape compilation vol. 3]
    Various Artists

    Evil Moisture & Expose Your Eyes

  22. Showroom Dummies

  23. Days By The Sea
    Craig Johnson & Fraser Burnett

  24. Lumpy Graveyard Express
    Hans Grüsel & Loachfillet

  25. FSA Skies Above
    Carnivorous Plants & Daniel J. Gregory

  26. Widdern
    Expose Your Eyes & James Worse

  27. Click here (and there) for more information
    Sam Andreae/David Birchall/Yan Jun


  29. Luminosa Esfera
    Gustavo Costa & Alfredo Costa Monteiro

  30. Punks into grown-up artists
    Nostril Flair

  31. Slide Thrombosis
    The Conduits

  32. Milk Can't Die
    Mold Omen

  33. Prismatic Ceremony

  34. In Leatherstockings
    Brandstifter & Arma Agharta

  35. Singapore Police Background
    Singapore Police Background

  36. Still
    Stephan Barrett & Matt Atkins

  37. ○ [blank tape compilation vol. 2]
    Various Artists

  38. Life is nothing but a sexually transmitted terminal disease
    Angelo Vicente Jr & Calineczka

  39. Voice in the Other Room / Refacing
    Body Has No Head

  40. Deus Sive Natura
    Andrew Jarvis & Thomas Tyler


  42. Facing Charges as a Sport
    Honkeyzontal Picnic

  43. For Charlie Mopps
    Howard Stelzer & Steffan de Turck

  44. Vol. #1
    Anton Mobin & Andrew Sharpley

  45. Cassette With Collage
    Lust Rollers

  46. Still Life With Apples
    Staraya Derevnya & Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet

  47. The Balsamic Doctrine
    Ezio Piermattei & Ben Presto

  48. Motown
    Free Magic Show

  49. Rtuals of Cmmon Lnguage
    Stuart Chalmers & Alan Courtis

  50. Interior Sounding
    Miguel A. Garcia & Frans de Waard

  51. __________ [blank tape compilation vol. 1]
    Various Artists

  52. Garbage Pail Kids
    Garbage Pail Kids

  53. H A I R S A B Y S S
    H A I R S A B Y S S

  54. Strangled Curiosity

  55. Memento Mori
    Culver & Fordell Research Unit

    Various Artists

  57. Can You Ear Me?

  58. Nothing Is Often Ignored
    Psychonic Imaging

  59. 大規模な感覚過負荷 (massive sensory overload)

  60. Space Ragas
    Star Turbine

  61. both | and
    Claude & Ola

    Romain Perrot & Andrew Sharpley

  63. The Integrity Of The Vehicle
    Earth Trumpet & Midwich


Steep Gloss UK

A UK tape label specialising in collaborative works of all things sound-art, dada, abstract, conceptual, sinister, delirious, melancholy, unclassifiable, bewildering, dislocating etc... from duos and upwards.

Please note: we do not release solo works, only collaborations. Please do not send us solo submissions - they will be ignored.
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