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  • Memento Mori Cassette

    Home dubbed rifle green c36 cassette with pro printed double sided colour inlay on 160gsm card

    Sold Out


Tape only.

"A feedback haze hovers around the edges of every piece, causing the entire tape to seem unbearably loud even when it’s played quietly. A far-off threat lumbering towards you and slowly coming into focus... an airless vertical slab, monumentally and near-effortlessly heavy, a staggering drone that immediately takes in all the air in the room and alters your perception of time."
Howard Stelzer's review for Vital Weekly





Steep Gloss UK

A UK tape label specialising in collaborative works of all things sound-art, dada, abstract, conceptual, sinister, delirious, melancholy, unclassifiable, bewildering, dislocating etc... from duos and upwards.

Please note: we do not release solo works, only collaborations. Please do not send us solo submissions - they will be ignored.
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